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A listing of association members, and information about the animals in those members’ herds is now available on the Internet. Visitors to the GALLOWAY Breed pages are able to search for members by name, province and ID number and for animals by name, registration number, microchip or tattoo.


For animals, one may view the basic information, such as name, number, sex, identification, percentage of purity, and breeder and owner. In addition, a listing of progeny can be viewed, and one can trace the ancestry by clicking on the sire and dam and thus viewing the ancestry of those animals. Please note that animals will continue to be listed in a member's herd unless the animal has been officially transferred to a new owner. In summary, the information posted is an Electronic Herdbook.


The information is uploaded directly from the registry database at CLRC, thus ensuring that the information displayed is official verified information. Updates will be performed approximately bi-weekly.

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